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Who is Bobby Rica?

If you’re wondering who the hell Bobby Rica is, look no further. Bobby Rica is loosely based on a fun cool guy. Some people who visit this site may know him. But essentially he’s a former talk radio host, a producer, restauranteur, gourmande, woman lover, surfer dude and a seasoned world traveler. Though his life […]

Picking Up Girls In The Beach Made Easy

Your Caribbean adventure travel in Costa Rica won’t be complete without knowing a couple of hot chicks and getting intimate with them. Of course, picking up girls is an art and must be practiced regularly in order successfully get the attention of the ladies. However, keeping in mind this short list of guidelines on how […]

BobbyRica’s heading back to Costa Rica on October 1st!

The party continues as Bobby Rica heads down again to the Caribbean part of Costa Rica then popping into the happenin’ Nosara region the following week!  From there, expect live updates including podcasts, exclusive videos and fun stories with amazing pics!  If you happen to bump into Bobby, make yourself known! You never know, he […]

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