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Bobby Rica Shwag

Your guide to Costa Rica, Panama, Mexico and other Hispanic tourist getaways now offers a wide range of tropical-inspired merchandise. These cool items not only will make you look good, they’re all made from high quality material.  They were also designed by native artists in Costa Rica for an authentic feel.  Our shirts are infinity […]

Costa Rica Booze

Sometimes, nothing soothes my tired soul better than lying under the canopy of stars, surrounded by my closest buds and a glass of my favorite booze, partying like no tomorrow. And when you’re in Costa Rica, you better have the good booze, baby, because it’s downright essential. Alcohol is an integral part of making your […]

The Joys Of Sports Fishing In Costa Rica

If you think that fishing simply involves a boat and a big net in tow, better think again! While I have so much respect for commercial fishermen who catch fish for profit, those who engage in sport fishing take the fishing level up a notch. These swashbucklers catch fish for competition, not to mention the […]

Sports Fishing In Style

I bet you only get to do three things with Costa Rican waters- you swim in it, surf on it or you drink it (the potable kind). If you’re up for doing something more than the usual, I highly recommend sports fishing! And why not? Costa Rica is sandwiched by two huge bodies of water, […]

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