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Day 1: A Hold-Up In The Airport (part 2)

It was exactly 15 minutes before 9 p.m. when the plane touched the runway of Juan Santamaria International Airport. Jack, my other companion, got our baggage while I grabbed my phone and dialled Martin’s number in a jiffy. I had to put my excitement for a good back massage on hold and make sure that […]

Agave For President

Let’s be honest, in terms of presidential candidates, if you are really ready for change what could be better than having your favorite band sitting in the Oval Office making awesome global decisions and telling people what to do whilst simultaneously rocking out? That’s what THIS SATURDAY, OCTOBER 18, 2008 will be like at The […]

Day 1: A Hold-Up In The Airport (part 1)

Man, I woke up this morning feeling all the pressure of city life that I just wanted to evaporate! I immediately invited two of my best pals for a quick escape to my favorite destination where I can simply lay back and watch the sunset. That’s San Jose, Costa Rica, if you have to ask. […]