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Taking A Cruise Ship Around Panama

It may be a bit pricey but it’s one helluva way to explore Panama, especially in the more inaccessible areas. I’m talking about having a small adventure-type cruise ship. Unlike the huge “Love Boat”-style cruise ships, these smaller versions can only accommodate 100 passengers. With less people around, you’ll have an intimate and eco-friendly experience […]

And We’re Back…

I apologize for the sudden lull of content for more than a week. One of the good people who helps create and maintains this site had a death in the family. The BobbyRica staff had known of his father’s demise a week ago and we decided to go “off the air” during this time. To […]

Stuff You Need To Know About Panamanian Women

If you’re somewhat curious about Panamanian women, here are some not-so-known facts that gringos need to pay attention to. Some of them are good, and some of them aren’t. But still, a Panamanian women is a worthy companion during your trip in the country. They’re beautiful and passionate and full of life! That’s why I […]

Helpful Spanish Phrases For Panama Virgins 8

Here’s our new installment of helpful Spanish phrases whenever you go shopping. Enjoy! Some corrections: If you ask “¿Puedo tener una bolsa?” is the same as if you ask in English, “I have a bag, Is there any problem with that?” And the salesclerk will say: No, of course, it’s not my concern how many […]

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