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Maui Surfer Girls Go To Costa Rica

Maui is thousands of miles away from Costa Rica, but these Maui Surfer Girls can’t resist the joys of surfing in Costa Rica. Just look at these toothesome ladies, strutting their stuff on the beach and looking so damn fine. It’s a pity they spent most of their days in a boat. But it seems […]

Only In Costa Rica

Guys, meet the Hercules beetle. These are but one of the most interesting things that you will encounter in Costa Rica. This country is a fun crazy place where you can be one with Nature, and know a little bit more about the environment. I know I did. There’s always a discovery in every corner, […]

One Lucky Guy!

We’ve been giving away BobbyRica t-shirts to good people who were kind enough to give us their two cents’ about or even just about anything regarding Costa Rica. One guy we deemed so worthy that we mailed him this shirt. If you want your BobbyRica t-shirt (along with other cool new merchandise), just visit […]