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Puerto Viejo Revisited

As many of you know, I spent some good time down in Puerto Viejo recently.   I found a few more pictures of La Casta de Papito.   This is where I stayed.  It is beautifully located just outside of PV, and a short walk back to an amazing beach.  The bungalow was clean, comfortable, and set back in the jungle a bit.  Sitting on the deck and reading, or even having a frog jump on me, was peaceful and beautiful.

Heat in Alajuela…Bobby and Janessa final chapter…

He was decked out in a tux that would make 007 green with envy, flashing the type of smile only a man with such clarity can flash. Bobby was back at the lodge staring at the volcano with more than a few thoughts. The woman from the previous night has yet to show up, and […]

Bobby Rica N Janessa Brazil Pt 2

Waking up at 5 AM, Bobby slowly rose from the bed of another successful conquest. No, it was not the woman that had enthralled him so much the previous night. It was someone who, despite not being at par with the magic he had experienced with the raven haired goddess he hasn’t managed to even […]

Inside the Wave…

These were so HOT I had to post them. From the website Internet Pop Culture. Something about a good wave in the morning…better than the local coffee in Costa Rica!

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