Heat in Alajuela…Bobby and Janessa final chapter…

By BobbyRica | October 20, 2009

He was decked out in a tux that would make 007 green with envy, flashing the type of smile only a man with such clarity can flash. Bobby was back at the lodge staring at the volcano with more than a few thoughts. The woman from the previous night has yet to show up, and he was not leaving until he had gotten to know her. In the seconds that they’ve shared, staring from each other from across the bar he had regretfully missed his chance. But he was not a man who makes the same mistake twice. He knew deep inside that he and the mysterious woman were somehow destined to come together, and he was determined to see it through.

The woman beat him to it.

“Hello” a lovely voice echoed from behind him. Bobby turned around and saw her. From a far she had entangled his soul. Up close, with her green eyes and wide, perfect smile, she had owned it. Her body was crafted with a symmetry only a divine being could perfect, and she carried it with a genuine sophistication that not very many could pull off. “I was busy last night. I’d like to get busy tonight as well.” Bobby smiled.

It wasn’t long before they found themselves on a private boat, cruising around Laguna de Arenal, having drinks and admiring the Arenal volcano in their own little private world. “You seem to be a man who is not from here, yet fitting in quite perfectly.” She inquired. Janessa, her name as Bobby learned, looked nothing short of stunning under the moon’s radiance.

“I venture to say the same about you.” Bobby replied with a sly grin.

“Oh, there is so much about me that is difficult to relate, at least on a night like this.” Janessa said, gazing deep into Bobby’s eyes. “I am a very dangerous woman.”

“And yet, here we are,” Bobby said, approaching Leona slowly. “alone, in the middle of the lake, and I feel safer than I’ve ever been.” Bobby planted a kiss that made Leona smile. “NO matter how dangerous you may be, there is no danger tonight” Bobby punctuated the statement with a long passionate kiss, one that led them in the cabin, undressed, and in throes of passion.

The sun rose, and Bobby woke in the boat, Janessa nowhere in sight. As he got dressed, he noticed a note on the board, by his wallet and watch. It said “Someday soon, Bobby. Love, Janessa.” To this, Bobby could only grin. He stepped out on deck, and viewed the volcano again, wondering if his episode with Janessa was but a passing thing, or just a seemingly dormant force of nature that would be unleashed at an uncertain time. He was glad she made him take a few pictures to remind him of her…not that he needed any pictures.

The wonders of Costa Rica, Bobby thought.

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