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Bobby Rica and Janessa Brazil….Heat in Alajuela

It was another warm night in Alajuela. Bobby enjoyed the concept of being this close to an active volcano, which he felt shared the same intensity stirring within him. The night was young, and Bobby knew that he would not be leaving this city without more than a few stories to tell. In the town […]

The Beauty in Nosara

Sometimes people just need to stop, and sniff the roses…or in the case of Costa Rica, sniff the Orchids, or the Guaria Morada…Its not only the larger, vast views of volcanoes, green lush spanses of valleys, or untamed natural beaches, its also the smaller views which sometimes hold the most beauty. I walked around Nosara […]

Welcome to Nosara!

One of my favorite getaway towns in Costa Rica is the town of Nosara.  The website summarizes the town the best…”‘No Shoes No Shirt Nosara’ is how some describe this beach area famous for surf and yoga, but there’s a worldly element here as well as sophisticated travelers have discovered this serene, unspoiled corner […]

User Submitted Post by Robert Stewart…All Steel Church

About 20 minutes north of the city of Alauela, is a small, picturesque farming town called Grecia.  Northwest of San Jose, Grecia, is situated in Costa Rica’s Central Valley amidst beautiful mountain landscapes and rich lush sceneries..  Grecia is also the home of a church with a very interesting story. The church, named “Church of […]

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