Final Destiny

By BobbyRica | November 5, 2009


Bobby slowly approached the lady who was engrossed deeply in the rhythm of the music that was being pumped in the air. Bobby really wasn’t much of the dancing kind, but he truly appreciated women who do. Dance was a language that spoke to him.

Bobby got close enough to be in speaking range with the woman, and he smiled. Hi. My name is Bobby. Can I keep you company?”

The woman just gave him a playful look and continued dancing. Sh got closed to him, and whispered in his ear. “If you could keep up.” Bobby liked what he heard and joined the woman in dance.

Now, Bobby wasn’t really into dancing compared to other guys, but that does not entail that he did not know how. He took the dancing lady by he waist and joined her as the music kept on playing. Several feet away, Carlos was amazed. How does he do it?

“What’s your name?” asked Bobby after a few minutes of sharing the floor with her.

“Destiny.” She said. “Would you like to join me later for drinks?”

“I’d love to.”

“Good. I hope you have wine at your place.” Destiny continued dancing as she left Bobby with more than a few thoughts buzzing around in his brain. “Just one more dance.”

2The rest of the night was spent in Bobby’s hotel room, and ironically enough, either of them had a sip of anything once they got there. From the moment Bobby shut the door Destiny was all over him. It was a night of unbridled passion, and Bobby spent the rest of the night watching the beautiful woman sleep. Once she woke up, Bobby knew he had more than a few questions to raise before she left.

“Carlos, the bartender, told me that you refused every guy that ever approached you at the bar. Why me?”

“Simple, really. You were the only one who never gave me a stupid pick up line.”


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