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Happy Holidays from!

Make 2010 the year you step out and do something different, travel somewhere exotic, kiss that pretty girl!  You only live once, and you just missed another opportunity. Thank you to the thousands of people who visited last year.  I hope in 2010 I can bring you even more pictures and stories from exotic […]

Why Visit San Josè In Costa Rica

After taking a comprehensive and in-depth look in the region of Alajuela, let us shift our attention to the capital of Costa Rica, San Jose, arguably the finest region of the country featuring the best Caribbean travel and adventure travel in the country. However, you may be asking yourself why should I visit this blasted […]

Bug Paradise in Costa Rica

We had such a strong (and welcoming) reaction to our bug feature, we decided to bring in more fun with this amazing photograph. Costa Rica is an insect lover’s dream. There are fifty to sixty thousand species of insects that thrive in the jungles of the country. Some say, the insects themselves (some of which […]

Costa Rica Jade Museum

Being the capital of a country known for its Caribbean travel and adventure travel, San Josè is a pretty cosmopolitan region that is not completely definitive of what Costa Rica is all about. However, the high-rise buildings and malls do not take away the fact that the country is essentially defined by its forest, beaches, […]

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