What To Bring To The Beach

By BobbyRica | December 4, 2009

Enjoying exotic Caribbean beaches in Costa Rica is the best way to experience the country. Therefore, in order to fully take pleasure of the exotic beaches in the country, be sure that you bring with you items that will most likely make your vacation much more meaningful and enjoyable.

Suntan – This is pretty much a must-bring in the beach, unless you plan to get your skin roasted for the next month, at best. This handy lotion protects your skin from harmful UV rays, allowing you to bask and swim under the sun without regret. Also, for those who wish to get a tan, the lotion will allow them to get equal skin colors if applied correctly.

Linen – This piece of cloth marks your territory on the shore. Obviously, the bigger the linen, the better!

Picnic basket – Beaches are known to keep you busy throughout the whole day, which is why a basket full of goodies and food is what you need to satisfy your hunger and quell your urges.

Sports ball – Guys like to show off to the ladies of the beach with a friendly game of touch football. Also, assuming that there is a net of the beach, bringing a volleyball allows for some fun inter-gender competitive. Either way, things will only get hotter as these games ensue.

Condoms….nah, just kidding.

Your hottest body – Work out before you tough it out on the beach! Of course, attractive bodies will easily help you get the attention of people. Therefore, spend a week or two pumping irons and running on the treadmill in order to shed fat off your body and look real good.

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