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Kayaking In Costa Rica (part 2)

After a simple meal that consisted of grilled fish, succulent tiger prawns and ripe mangoes and cream for dessert, we moved on to the boat and naturally, we chose the tandem kayak and had Marty set the whole thing up. We made our way down the tip of the Nicoya Peninsula (which wasn’t really that […]

Kayaking In Costa Rica (part 1)

My incessant appetite for adventure took me to a lot of places and this time around, I was back to battle the waves in Costa Rica! The first thing I plan to try out is the drinks… err… I mean kayaking! Yeah! I heard loads of good things about kayaking in Costa Rica and I […]

The Skies Above Costa Rica

Yup! We are on our way. As we take the few hours airplane trip from Los Angeles to San Jose International Airport (LAX: SJO) just outside of San Jose, I decided to take photos of the view from 35,000 feet. As I see the sun slowly appearing, a warm feeling comes over me as the […]