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Surfing In Bocas Del Toro

Z-Man, Gilbert and Nino head out to Panama to catch the most awesome waves this side of the Caribbean. Watch as they show us their Panamanian surfing adventure. Spread The Word

When To Visit Panama

It’s not a valid excuse to come visit places you fancy without learning a thing or two about their climate. There are a number of people who disregard this factor and stupidly fly to never heard of places on impulse and end up suffering from sheer blockheadedness. Since Panama is our featured destination, I’ll let […]

Panama City: Something For Everyone

Panama City can be the starting point of your tour around the country. In itself, it is a fascinating destination that helps you segue from your own life in the States to the sights of rural Panama. Panama City is a cosmopolitan city with Spanish colonial ruins, unique museums, spacious parks, and a breathtaking skyline. […]