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Two Hot Costa Rica Moments

Another wonderful feature of Costa Rica? They like their beauty pageants as much as beautiful ladies in bikinis. Just look at the pictures and be captivated by the lusciousness of one of Costa Rica’s pride: the sexy gorgeous ladies! Spread The Word

Costa Rica At Its Purest

A lot of tourists plan their vacations to the most lavish and luxurious of destinations. However, for those who wish to spend their time enjoying the sights and sounds of natural gifts, I suggest you mark Costa Rica in your itinerary. Our simple and humble country has emerged as one of the top vacation destinations […]

Where To Surf In Costa Rica part 1

If by chance, you run out of ideas on where to go or what to do in Costa Rica, there’s nothing wrong with heading back to the surf for some waves to conquer. Why wouldn’t you be? Surfing is the one sport that pumps up the most adrenalin to your brain, making you feel like […]

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