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Travel Guide To Osa Peninsula

After hearing so many fantastic things to see and experience in Costa Rica’s Osa Peninsula, I’m sure a great number of you are itching to get your asses off to the next flight to this Central American destination. But hold your horses! Like any smart traveler, you should keep yourself abreast of the do’s and […]

Lunch Is Served!

Eating in Costa Rica is not only very delicious, it’s like a fun mix of flavors from the Caribbean, Portugal and Africa. In one rich banana wrapping, you have mixed carne adobo, arroz e frijoles with pico de gallo, some tasty sweet sausages and fried ripe bananas (for dessert). Eat the bananas with the adobo […]

Orchid Treasures In Costa Rica

Okay, okay. So, a lot of you are probably thinking of sandy beaches teeming with hot bodies at the mention of Costa Rica. But just so you know, Costa Rica offers more than that. It wouldn’t hurt you one bit to learn that this country has a variety of rare species that are worthy of […]