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Useful Facts That Concern Your Money In Panama

We’ve talked about how well-priced everything is in Panama, now let’s talk about a few handy things that might want to keep in mind, moneywise, in Panama. -Bring a sturdy and huge coin purse. The unit of currency is the Balboa. There is no Panamanian paper currency; coins exist in denominations of PAB10 and 1, […]

The Bird That Is The Quetzal

The big draws amongst Nature enthusiasts in Panama is one of the most striking birds in Central America: the quetzal. Once you see its pictures and — most especially — live in its habitat, you can’t help but say that it’s one of the most beautiful birds in the world. The quetzal is an indeed […]

Sweet Delicacies for a Tastier Meal in Panama

A great meal in Panama City wouldn’t be complete without their local desserts. A taste of their mouth-watering sweets show their wonderful tastes in food. You immediately get their Spanish, Caribbean and even Asian influences. To guarantee that you choose the must-try sweet delicacies in Panama, these are the three best picks. The Sweetest Pastel […]