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Places To Stay In Panama

Here in BobbyRica, we would like to feature as much of the country as possible. But an important part of the travel is finding the right place to stay while in the country. So in the coming days, I will be posting some links that show really nice places to stay and visit. Hopefully, these […]

Panama Beach Bikini Babe Pin-Up

The Turtles Of Bocas Del Toro

Another tourist attraction worth visiting Panama for are the turtles of Bocas del Toro. What’s interesting about these turtles is that they come there not to frolic like most tourists, but to extend the lifespan of their species. During the most part of the year, four species of sea turtles go to the northern beaches […]

Useful Facts That Concern Your Money In Panama

We’ve talked about how well-priced everything is in Panama, now let’s talk about a few handy things that might want to keep in mind, moneywise, in Panama. -Bring a sturdy and huge coin purse. The unit of currency is the Balboa. There is no Panamanian paper currency; coins exist in denominations of PAB10 and 1, […]

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