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Lunchtime In The Jungles of Panama

Here’s a suggestion. If you happen to be peckish while walking under the canopy of the Panamanian jungle, just seek out what these guys munched on for a nutritious snack! Spread The Word

Panama Beach Bikini Babe Pin-Up

Here’s a suggestion. Why don’t you start taking sports fishing as a hobby? You can start by visiting Panama!

To Keep You From These Cold Nights

You still bummed about summer ending? Well, here are lovely Panamanian ladies in bikinis to get you back in the spirit. It’s a sight for sore eyes to see lovely Panama gals showing their best dance moves and shaking their booty. And if any of you ever want to head down to Panama or Costa […]

The Telephone Service In Panama

Even though I would recommend you bring your own cellphone with the roaming features on, sometimes you might need to use a landline to contact people in and out of Panama. When you need to contact any Panamanian establishment from the States, dial”507″ first. That’s the country code. However, do not include that number when making LOCAL calls while you’re in Panama.

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