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Sweet Surfing In Playa Santa Catalina

In my honest opinion, Playa Santa Catalina may probably be the best surfing spot in Panama. I consider it so because it has, by far , the most consistent breaks in Central or South America. Whenever — and I really mean any season — I visit the place, there will always be the waves to […]

Horseback Riding In The Chiriqui Province

The best thing about Panama is that you can do lots of things in both sea and water. And while there are lots of sights to see in the water, there are as much wonders waiting for you on land. Panama is a big country and if you want to go nature tripping, your mode […]

A View Of The Beach From The Skies

Our friend Craig is back and he sent in this nice view of Bocas del Toro a few hundred feet up. Despite the grainy video, the beach still looks awesome!