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Cool Insects Of Panama

Gotta love these bugs! Spread The Word

Iguanas In Panama

One of the curious things about Panama (and in a similar way with Costa Rica) is that iguanas are everywhere. Though they are quite harmless (unless you stupidly provoke them), they are a common site in rocky beaches, outside your hut, in your swimming pool and sometimes they are in your plate for dinner. They […]

In Love With Miss Panama

As we continue to wind down the summer, and remind you of the upcoming holidays, we would like to reminisce and enjoy one of thehighlights of featuring Panama this year. She has been one of the inspirations for this site just because she looks incredibly hot…okay, we admit it, Miss Panama Universe 2008 just looks […]

A Trip To Marisco Market in Panama

If you want to see what Panama has to offer by way of food, there’s no other way to do it than a visit to the market. Here you can find all the nice and curious food items for sale. You can also see the various types of seafood that one can have along with the other exotic fruits and vegetables that you should try to sample. I recommend the star apple. It has the taste of ripe guava with the fibrous meatiness of a mango. And it smells sooo good! I’m addicted to it!

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