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Surfing In Baja, Mexico

Going to Mexico to go wave riding can be one awesome experience. Mexico is one of the great frontiers of surfing. With Mexico’s sprawling coastline, there is an incredible variety of surf spots that you can find and adventures worth having. I enjoy surfing in Mexico simply because there are many uncrowded breaks scattered along […]

Traveling To Mexico By Car

Though getting to Mexico by air is less of a hassle, driving to Mexico can be a great experience too. Heck, my buddies and I usually trek to the border with my SUV. But lemme give you some advice. Driving to Mexico may be lots of fun, but don’t ever think that even though Mexico […]

Eating Chapulines In Mexico

There is nowhere else would I normally enjoy eating insects than in Mexico. They have something here that they call Chapulines. Considered a delicacy by Mexicans, they are collected only at certain times of year (from their hatching in early May through the late summer/early autumn). They are known to have been used as food […]