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Your 411 on Costa Rica’s Seasons

You can enjoy the sights of Costa Rica without the the hassles of tourists, expensive hotels, and dry and arid scenery. The best thing to do is visit Costa Rica during its “winter months”. The Costa Rican “winter” spans from May to November. Visitors during this winter season should expect days filled with afternoon drizzle. […]

Looking Down Alligator Bridge

About an hour forty minutes from San Jose in Costa Rica, there is a long bridge on the two lane paved road disguised as a freeway. There you will find people walking over the side of the side, peering below. There are also cars parked on both side of the bridge. If your curiosity gets […]

Exploring Isla Tortuga

You might have heard of Isla Tortuga before. Most likely, you might have heard someone mention it on entertainment news. The reason for the place to be familiar is that this is one of the popular spots where celebrities take vacations. The most notable ones were Britney Spears and Mel Gibson. Now, before you dismiss […]