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The Challenge Of Eating Balut (Part 2)

I stared at the dead duckling and then looked at the sweet young Filipina girl smiling back at me. She cooed to place the balut into my mouth. I hesitated at first. Then I prayed to the gods to prevent anythingt nothing bad happens to me. I closed my eyes and popped the entire thing […]

The Challenge Of Eating Balut (Part 1)

Akasha was too entranced by the girl. I muttered, “Sure, what do you have?” More sinful thoughts distracted my query, not really thinking of what was happening. “I have some freshly cooked duck eggs. We call it balut!” exclaimed the cute girl, her dimples appeared out of nowhere and made me giddy from the discovery. […]

Bobby Rica in the Philippines (Part Two)

Hours later, clarity had soon broken into exhaustion. And as our car plied through the busy street of Ayala Avenue, the ride was mostly a blur. We were herded into our hotel rooms and I soon faced the welcome embrace of oblivion before my body touched the mattress. Time passed and I was woken up […]