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Merry Christmas To One And All!

From everyone here, we would like to wish our readers a fun BobbyRica Christmas! Spread The Word

My Few Short Minutes As An Action Star

A few days before I had to leave the Philippines, I had one hell of an experience today while walking the busy streets of Manila. As it would happen, somebody got mugged and I saved her day!

Fiesta Outside Manila (Part Two)

Stella is the daughter of the host. She was really busy giving plates, ushering guests and giving them what they need (although they had everything they need on the long table.) Being a non-Filipino made me an instant celebrity in the house but it doesn’t really feel good being the main attraction. My main attraction is Stella.

Fiesta Outside Manila (Part One)

My last day in the Philippines was capped off by a fiesta at a far town. I decided that it’s about time I enjoy a different experience, away from the traffic, the rain, the sexy ladies, getting drunk and all that flirting in between. Fiesta, in Spanish, is “party” but in the Philippines it means […]

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