The Beautiful Women Of The Philippines

By BobbyRica | December 2, 2010

beautiful ladies in bikini, filipina women, sexy tropical women

I’m on my third day in Manila (the capital of the Philippine Islands) and I’m beginning to get into the groove of the city. It’s no Caribbean island, but it has its own charm. As my expat friends toured me around, I noticed that the place is a clash of many cultures. Like most modern cities, I see that the Western world has greatly influenced and molded what the metropolis is today. Downtown is a hodgepodge of buildings and malls and buildings and more malls. Everywhere you go, there is bound to be a mall in the corner.

But when I went to the residential areas, the gentrification stands on a stalemate on the older structures of the city. I see the Spanish influences in architecture. And yet there is also a marked sense of Chinese and Polynesian sensibilities in the mix. Curious think that this is the only country in this part of the world that is predominantly Christian (most of the countries around the Philippines are Muslim).

beautiful ladies in bikini, filipina women, sexy tropical women

These hodgepodge of cultures somehow made its people a unique country. And I guess that’s why I am not surprised how devastatingly beautiful the women here are. I mean just look at these photos!

I had been taking these photos while I was carousing around Manila, and boy, I felt like I was in this humongous candy shop of beautiful women! There were Oriental-looking ladies who perfect white skin and thin reedy bodies. There were also bronzed Gauguin beauties who look like they’ve been on the beach all their lives. And what’s even more curious are the Amerasian girls who are as striking and pretty as those I find in Brazil. Everywhere I look there is a hot girl in Manila.

beautiful ladies in bikini, filipina women, sexy tropical women

I sensed that when I approach the women, they tend to be shy and discreet, but they have a certain way about them that’s sexy. They can be flirtatious but without being cheap. They can be accommodating but they leave you asking for more! The girls I met were intelligent, warm and articulate.

A lot of the natives are very fluent in English. So it was a breeze going around shopping malls, restaurants and other places where I needed to communicate. I am thrilled that they can speak well. It is also quite easy to approach and talk to them. No more language barrier crap that I usually encounter in other places. Filipinas are truly a breath of fresh air. Had I stayed longer, I would have wanted to date as many girls as I can.

I dare say I am finally enjoying myself because Manila is a place filled with Filipina beauty.

beautiful ladies in bikini, filipina women, sexy tropical women

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