Escaping Manila Floods Through Taxi

By BobbyRica | December 8, 2010


Day five. It was raining hard when I got up this morning. It’s a sign that I shouldn’t take a jeepney again or walk on the streets of Manila since this place is notorious for being insanely flooded when it pours. But being a “real” tourist, I did not waste my time in my hotel room and watch a lot of Filipino drama on TV; I needed to go out.

The best way to roam around Manila during rainy days is to take a taxi. Taxis are the second most common mode of transportation in this busy place. I learned that taxi drivers could be cranky and scheming. Would they even dare to be like that to me? I don’t think so.

I hailed a taxi outside the hotel. It poured even harder when I got out but that’s just a part of the thrill. Dipping my feet on flood waters would transform my tour to a more exciting one.


The taxi driver asked me something in halting English that I could barely understand. Disregarding what the hell he was saying, I demanded that I be takem to a seafood restaurant. I had no particular restaurant in mind nor do I really know one, so I just let Mr. Driver decide for me.

Along with the heavy rain was heavy traffic. There were build-ups everywhere and I can feel that my driver was ready to yank his steering wheel out of frustration.

I can feel that we took many alternate routes to avoid traffic. I am good with directions but he got me totally lost. He even had to enter a one-way road and so I thought that since it was raining hard, there were probably no cops around to see us.

Just like jeepney drivers, taxi drivers know their way out of a really congested road. I can say that they are really impulsive. They make sudden turns just to get out of the dreadful traffic.


The driver got me off at this really nice seafood restaurant. The meter reached up to three digits but it’s suffice to say that mister driver did the best way he could.

I learned something new today: people in Manila really, really hate heavy traffic.

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