Surfing In Baler (part two)

By BobbyRica | January 14, 2011


As I was midair — ready to experience the sea’s briny embrace, something or someone got in my way. And with a loud thud. I swore I heard a pop as my forehead bumped into what felt like a coconut. As I slowly passed out into the water, I heard the sound of a woman screaming and from my fading eyesight, the curly tendrils of blood mixing with the saltwater. Oy!

My surfing buddies, Akasha and Barney, later told me that it took an hour before the lifeguard managed to revive me. Not that I had a serious concussion but because I just dozed off. They noticed I was snoring minutes after they dragged me out into the beach. I woke up feeling refreshed and not at all disturbed by that vague incident.


When consciousness set in, there was a bandage on my forehead and I felt woozy. I soon forgot the dizziness when the shock of reality hit me. Beside me lay a gorgeous girl deep in slumber. Her skin was bronze and had the body of an Olympic swimmer. But this sleeping beauty also had a bandage on top of her head. I was confused. Then it hit me! She was the coconut! She must have been swimming underwater and rose up at the precise moment I threw myself in. The realization coincided with the amused look on Barney’s face as he was applying a thick gob of sunscreen on the bridge of his nose a few yards away.

I slowly tried to stand up as the sound of the waves somehow energized me. I see Akasha in the distance, as he’s in the water trying to catch a swell.


“Was she in the water?” I asked Barney, who by now is failing miserably in hiding his amusement. The Aussie didn’t answer. My gaze transfixed on the beautiful girl on the hammock, her breast rising and falling as she sucked in the crisp tropical air. The air that I am also breathing.

“Happy to see you’re back to the world, mate,” said Barney with toothy smile as he effortlessly hauled his board to his side, and ran towards the beach. I had a sudden urge to join him, but would rather wait for the
girl to wake up.


The sun was up and the tropical heat has started to prickle my skin. I glanced at my watch and realized that I was out for an hour or so. We were indeed in Sabang Beach a few meters from the lighthouse of Lindy’s Point.

The sea breeze was like a balm as the throbbing in my head subsided. As I stretched my body, I suddenly heard the sweet sound of the girl beside me as she roused from her sleep, “You hurt me, you son of a bitch!”

(to be concluded)

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