Surfing In Baler (part three)

By BobbyRica | January 17, 2011

sabang beach

“Are you listening to me?” she said accusingly. Her tone was shrill and cracked. The girl stood up unsteadily as she touched her top scalp where the bandages had been. I was surprised how tall she was. Local girls aren’t as tall or well-toned as her. I bet she’s a professional swimmer.

This is when I flashed my patented BobbyRica puppy dog look, “I’m sorry, miss. I must have been so excited to go in the water that I didn’t see you. I apologize! I am so damn sorry.” I should get an Oscar for my performance because the hostility on her face soon melted away. “My name’s Bobby, by the way, should you want to report me to the police.”


She frowned but her face lit up with a smile. “Oh hell, how can I be upset with that face? You be careful next time, okay? If it weren’t for your friends out there, I would have floated back in the water, unconscious, and died.”

I can only smile ruefully. “Please… Let me make it up to you–” my pause waited for her to say her name.

“I’m Ditas,” she extended her hand and gave me a weak handshake.

“Okay, how’s about I take you to the nearest hospital so we can get ourselves checked by a doctor?”


I spent the whole day with her as we visited the doctor to examine our bumps. But as much as my yearnings to be in the water, my interest in Ditas has increased tenfold. It turns out she was a professional surfer. She was a Filipina but has recently immigrated to Australia. She regularly visits her home country for vacation. I am so thanking my lucky stars that I literally bumped into her.

The doctor said we didn’t really injure ourselves badly. He advised us to take it easy for a while and not do anything strenuous. On a regular day, I would have been pissed. But with Ditas on my side, I knew this was one opportunity to get more acquainted with her. So ended up hanging out in the beach, sipping Pina Coladas and the local moonshine, while Ditas and I bonded. From time to time, I enviously glanced at Barney and Akasha riding the waves like mad mo-fos in the beach!

surfing guy

Today was a strange (and fruitful) day. But come tomorrow, I will be back in the water, baby. And with a beautiful lady to surf with. END

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