A Trip To San Juan, La Union (part one)

By BobbyRica | January 19, 2011

la union

It is surprising that the island of the Philippines is still relatively unknown internationally as a surfing destination. What with its great beaches, cool breaks year-round, friendly natives and beautiful women. Luckily for me, I am slowly discovering its secrets (thanks to my Aussie friend Barney) and luckier still, with more chicks left all to myself!

Our next destination was the beaches of La Union which, according to a proud local, is the beach capital of the Philippines. I haven’t confirmed if this is an official title, but Barney said that this was among the more popular spots among the natives. Anyway, there are supposed to be all sorts of breaks in this place. After our streak of good luck so far, I was naturally amped to go check out this place and continue our fun and adventure!


San Juan, La Union, is about 5 hours drive from where we were staying, so we left early in the morning to try to arrive there after lunch (just in time for the afternoon waves!). As usual, the view along the way was not much (just the usual rice paddies and small towns), and for most of the way the trip was uneventful. But the life of BobbyRica doesn’t stay uneventful for long, not even for a couple of hours! Who would believe I’d make an acquaintance with lovely chicks while not even at the beach yet!

Akasha, Barney and I were riding a jeepney we hired with our Aussie friend riding shotgun with the Filipino driver. Akasha and I were inside at the back with our boards and other stuff. I was fiddling with a cap I bought as a souvenir from Baler, when at a sudden turn (the driver does these amazing maneuvers), I fumbled and got the cap blown back. I was not the least bit interested in asking our driver to stop just for it (I can always buy another one). But, an SUV appeared at the turn, which promptly stopped after catching the cap at the windshield.

road to la union

I watched fascinated as this chick got off the car and picked up my hat, before I had the sense to ask our driver to hit the brakes. I got off our jeepney with some excitement and anticipation. As we were already some distance ahead, I stood there and waited for the SUV to reach me. I noticed that it has a couple of surf boards attached to its top rack.

The SUV stopped a few feet from our jeepney. I walked towards the car and noticed that, aside from the chick who got off from the passenger side, there were two other girls at the back. The driver was also female. Four lovely chicks, all surfer dudettes by the looks of them!

I thanked them for the cap and asked if they were also headed to San Juan. The chick riding shotgun, fair skinned with short-cropped hair and the most alluring smile, said they were. They noticed the boards inside our jeepney, and they seemed impressed to find out from my cap that we have recently surfed at Baler. Under the pretext of asking where the best place to stay in San Juan was, I found out exactly where they would be lodged!

la union surfing

After some more pleasantries and introducing my friends Akasha and Barney, they waved farewell and sped off ahead of us. Farewell, but as you will find out, not for long!

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