A Trip To San Juan, La Union (conclusion)

By BobbyRica | January 24, 2011

la union beach1

We arrived at San Juan, La Union, at about half past one. The weather was excellent and the beach looked great as we entered the resort. Already, I could see pockets of people in the water and I couldn’t wait to join them!

San Juan is one of the more popular surfing destinations in the Philippine islands. It is known for its many breaks and dependable swells year-round. This can perhaps be expected as it faces the often turbulent South China Sea. That places it right smack in the Pacific Ring of Fire and this is what makes the great waves, baby!

la union map

There was fine brownish-gray sand in the beach and it felt comfortably warm as I walked towards the water. I jumped in immediately with my trusty shtick in hand, together with Akasha. Barney joined us a bit later on as he and our driver, Lakay, took care of our accommodations. Man! nothing sure beats the sheer enjoyment of gliding over the water and riding the waves. We hit a few crappy to midsized waves more before I decided to take a breather for the bigger waves later in the afternoon. Barney and Akasha carried on while I sat down on the beach watching them and a few of the locals surf.

After a short while, I heard someone behind me say, “Hi, Bobby!” I turned around and, lo and behold, there they were, two girls from the cap incident that same morning! Here was Gina, the fair-skinned chick with short-cropped hair and the most enticing smile, and the long-haired brunette who waved at me back at the public market. I remembered that she was introduced to us as Mich.

la union girls

“O, hi Gina! Hi, Mich!” I answered, flashing my best, most irresistible, BobbyRica smile. (Honestly, I somewhat arranged for the encounter, as I had known they would be lodging in that resort! BobbyRica wouldn’t pass up a golden opportunity like this, you bet!)

My charm worked and soon we three were hitting it on like old friends. Gina and Mich asked about the breaks and we chatted a little about surfing, before her friends (George, the slim well-toned driver of the SUV and Eloi, the smallest but jolliest of the group) arrived with their boards. I found out that three of them were college buddies and Mich was someone’s colleague. Pretty shortly, we all got into the water together.

la union beach 2

It was a bitchin’ great time surfing with the chicks, and I and the guys couldn’t resist showing off and goofing around in front of an appreciative and beautiful audience. Barney, the show-off, did some laybacks and other tricks. But with the swells coming in and the waves getting wilder and heavier in the late afternoon, we all got wiped out a few times. Man, it all made the experience more fun and memorable! This San Juan is really an excellent spot!

la union surfer

Needless to say, we all had dinner together that evening. Nothing else happened afterwards, if you know what I mean, but we made good friends and had a great exciting time. I think I hit it on pretty well with Gina, and we swapped contacts and all that. Who knows, after our tour along the coast, I just might extend my stay some more in the islands.

Stay posted for more BobbyRica adventures! END

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