Visiting Vigan, Ilocos Sur (conclusion)

By BobbyRica | January 28, 2011

surf dude

We hit the beaches after lunch, hoping to find a sweet spot along the coast. The first few beaches offered mostly mush and crappy waves, and we moved farther north in search of bigger surfs. You know, when you’ve set your mind on great surfing, not just any spot will do.

Barney knew of a more secluded location near an island north of Vigan, so we headed towards the spot. We got there at about mid-afternoon, and into a small resort called Baddock. The resort was great because it charged minimal fees and had some surf gear for rent. There was just a handful of locals along the beach, but no surfer yet on the water. From where we were, I could already see nice waves as we entered. Man, you could imagine just how much I was dying to hit the water!


With my freshly waxed board in tow, I rushed toward the shore, hoping to be the first in. But, as I was rounding a fence, I heard a yell. I didn’t know what happened, but all of a sudden, at my feet was a chick in bikini lying flat on her back! I must have hit her with my board!

I knelt down beside her and mumbled, “I’m sorry, I’m so sorry,” repeatedly. Frankly, I don’t know how I could have missed her. Looking back, I think she must have been bending down, or else kneeling, for me not to have seen her behind the low fence. She was groaning and clutching her ribs, but all I could do was mumble my apologies.


Shortly, the girl got her breath back and I assisted her up. She said she was okay, but just got the wind knocked out of her. While all this was happening, I couldn’t help but notice her great body, flat belly and boobs accentuated by a green two-piece. Hmmm, interesting…

After a short while, the girl noticed my board and said, “So you’re a surfer, huh? Would you mind teaching me and my two friends how to surf?” Oh, man! I had half the mind to say no (I was really amped to hit the water already), but I wanted to make amends. More importantly, how could BobbyRica let slip an opportunity like this?


So, together the chick and I went to the beach to join her lady friends. I learned soon enough that her name was Cathy, and her two friends were Ann and Cora. By this time, Akasha and Barney were already riding the waves, both having earlier passed us by with wide grins on their faces.

So there I was, crouching and flapping my arms on the shore, putting on a demo to great looking chicks. Meanwhile, my friends were actually surfing the late afternoon swells. With a pang of envy, I watched Barney and Akasha doing some new school stuff and enjoying wave after wave. But as I looked at them, I also caught them glancing at our direction, watching with admiration and envy as BobbyRica worked his magic on the ladies.

surfing dude

Later, I joined my friends and was able to catch big waves just before dark. Together, we put on a great show for the ladies. Just another eventful day in the exciting life of BobbyRica. END

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