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What Is It With Pinoy Names?

After a few weeks here in the Philippines, I have seen a lot and heard a lot. Though things rarely surprise me, I find it strange — and much to my consternation — how Filipinos name themselves. I have been noticing how most Filipinos come up with weird nicknames. Names that I think they are blissfully unaware may sound ridiculous to an outsider.

A Trip To San Juan, La Union (conclusion)

We arrived at San Juan, La Union, at about half past one. The weather was excellent and the beach looked great as we entered the resort. Already, I could see pockets of people in the water and I couldn’t wait to join them!

A Trip To San Juan, La Union (part two)

We stopped for lunch at this quaint place, a restaurant inside a public wet market which was just off the main road (I forget its name already). The market was a plethora of smells, some even nasty, and really wasn’t much to look at. But taken all together, they just heighten the adventure and danger of it all.

A Trip To San Juan, La Union (part one)

It is surprising that the island of the Philippines is still relatively unknown internationally as a surfing destination. What with its great beaches, cool breaks year-round, friendly natives and beautiful women. Luckily for me, I am slowly discovering its secrets (thanks to my Aussie friend Barney) and luckier still, with more chicks left all to […]

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