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BobbyRica Babe For February 2011

We haven’t done this for a very long time. And so, I am happy to present to you a very very hot tica who represents true Costa Rican beauty.

The BobbyRica Guide For Inviting Guests

After so many years throwing countless mixers and parties in the US and Costa Rica, I have developed a certain discipline in selecting which person to invite. It takes a certain skill to assemble the right people for a successful party. You have to strike a certain balance on the personalities mingling on the floor. The sooner you realize that getting the right kind of people is the same way as finding a successful relationship.

Serious Party Grub For A Costa Rica Beach Party

Let us not discount the importance of food as an ingredient for a successful beach party. Because food, like booze, livens the mood of your guests. And it’s also a fun way to show off what you can do (or to put it exactly, what your chef friend can do).

Call Me Mr. Mojito!

After a few days of hemming and hawing, I finally had the nerve to start planning my beach party for tomorrow.

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