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Costa Rica’s Own Jesus Christ Lizard (And No, I Wasn’t Swearing.)

Know more about this curious creature here. National Geographic has an explanation on how this Costa Rican curiosity can walk in water.

The Playas del Coco Switcheroo (conclusion)

If you want to follow the story consecutively, read the first part here. For the second installment, click here. For the third part, click here. And for the penultimate installment, click here. From outside, I waited for any one of my friends to separate from the group. I needed to warn them who they were […]

Scream Your Head Off While Zip Lining In Costa Rica

If you’re looking for some fun in Costa Rica, then you shouldn’t miss out on taking a zip line across the canopy rainforest of Costa Rica. After living here for more than ten years, the novelty of speeding along treetops never gets old. Once in a while, I head out to Turu Ba Ri where the longest zipline is located.

The Playas del Coco Switcheroo (part four)

Like a storm finally subsiding, things had began to clear the moment I and my captors hastily headed back to Playas del Coco. It was, as they say, a bad case of mistaken identity. “You’re one small mistake,” said one guy with the broken nose. I only faced them with a wide smug grin.

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