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The Accidental Beachside Spa In Puerto Viejo (part two)

I experienced something akin to a Michael Bay movie today. Everything around me moved in slow motion. It’s as if we all were suspended in time. Maybe this is because my heart skipped a beat after I stepped into a group of beautiful girls dancing naked in the beach. I have never heard of a nude beach in Puerto Viejo. Have we stepped into some funky neo-hippy commune populated by beautiful Hispanic women?

Say It The Tico Way 2

When you get lucky and a girl wants you to spend the evening her in her CHOZA (tsow-zah), she wants you in the comfort of her…

The Accidental Beachside Spa In Puerto Viejo (part one)

It’s finally happening! After all the craziness in Witch’s Rock and Cano Island, I finally got my dream girl to go out with me on a holiday. Finishing up loose ends from our last adventure took some waiting. But all that got sorted out.

Say It The Tico Way 1

When a Costa Rican native informs you that she’s CASADO, better stay away because she’s…

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