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Say It The Tico Way 12

To other people, HARINA (ha-ree-nah) may be something cooks use to prepare tacos and burritos, But to a tican, it means financial security.

The Lady By The Beach

It was a sunny muggy day while I was walking in the beach of Jaco. I was hugging a huge paper bag of my favorite fruit in season — a zapote — when someone caught my eye. I was passing by a row of small quaint beach houses called cabinas that were rented during the summer. The small beach house had porches complete with chaise lounges where people can lie back and get a natural tan. In one of these houses, I saw a small blond woman. She was sun bathing in the porch and was oblivious to the heat and to the guy who might just be her peeping tom. Seeing blond women in the beach is a common sight, believe me, but there was something I couldn’t lay a finger about the woman.

Say It The Tico Way 11

If you want to go around the coastline of Costa Rica, you can always take a bus. But the best way is always through CHUZO (tsu-zoh).

The Beach Party Trail (Conclusion)

What could have been a two hour pleasure trip has turned into a four hour excursion into terror! And it’s in the form of a nine inch slithering mass of reptilian menace. Or a snake of unknown genus.

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