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Happy Easter Everyone!

We hope everyone had an amazing Semana Santa. Maybe next time, you can come to the best place to spend it. Here in the sparkling waters of Costa Rica! Pura Vida!

Say It The Tico Way 10

If you need to go, then you need MIAR (mee-ar) in decent rest room and not on any wall. There are laws against it here.

The Beach Party Trail (Part Two)

I and my friends uphold the tradition by hitting the beach party trail along the popular beaches of Southern Costa Rica. As we begin our travels anew, we are reminded of the several mishaps that had occurred last year. Mishaps that make us pause.

Say It The Tico Way 9

When you spend all evening partying, it is best to pace yourself and watch what you drink. Better safe than BOTAR EL RANCHO (boh-tar ehl ran-cho).

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