The Dot at Corcovado National Park

By BobbyRica | May 26, 2011

bobbyrica, costa rica, corcovado national park

It started as a small dot. A dot the size of the face of a watch that was accidentally discovered by a group of kids camping at Corcovado National Park located on the Osa Peninsula southwest of Costa Rica. Barely noticeable at first, the dot caught the attention of many since it looked like a black bottomless pit. It was like a chasm of nothingness that swallowed whatever you put in it. Stones disappeared into the darkness and even small animals that wandered there were never seen again.

bobbyrica, costa rica, corcovado national park

It was three in the morning when I got a call from the Pentagon. General Collins was on the line and he wanted my expert opinion on the matter. As a NASA scientist, I was used to getting calls in the middle of the night from high-ranking military officials who wanted my advice on strange matters – anything from crop circles, UFOs to ancient artifacts. Unfortunately, this was something new – something I wasn’t prepared for.

“What do you know about it, general?” I asked.

“Well, Bobby, all we know is that it’s black, has a weird hissing sound and it’s growing,” Collins told me. “I’ll send someone to pick you up in an hour.”

The general wasn’t kidding. When I arrived at the scene, the spot had grown and was now the size of a manhole. Despite my experience at NASA, I found myself at a loss for words. Frankly, I didn’t know what to say and that scared me.

The place was surrounded by the world’s best and brightest. Scientists, engineers, philosophers and religious leaders were there but they couldn’t make heads or tails about the thing which was growing at a steady rate. The best minds on earth were helpless and that sent shivers down my spine.

bobbyrica, costa rica, corcovado national park

“You think it’s alien?” Collins broke the eerie silence.

“I really don’t know what to make of it. It could be a new biological weapon or someone out there is trying to communicate with us.

“Communicate? So what in heaven’s name is it saying?” Collins said.

“I don’t know general. But I think I know someone who does,” I answered.

I suddenly remembered Dr. Benjamin Foster. He was my physics teacher way back in college who had some pretty weird ideas about ancient civilizations and alien intelligence. He was brilliant but was dismissed as a crackpot by many due to his fanciful notions. Because of this, Foster never got the position he deserved and was confined to a life of teaching at a small university.

When I saw him again, Foster was in his 70s and wore thick spectacles. He walked slowly with a cane and his hands shook uncontrollably. Without hesitation, I told him about the spot that was now the size of a crater, consuming everything in its path. I was tired and hoping that he could make sense of this.

“It’s definitely alien but I don’t think it’s saying anything, he spoke softly.

“But it’s talking. It’s communicating by means of hissing sounds. Surely, it must want something,” the general insisted.

bobbyrica, costa rica, corcovado national park

“Don’t assume that it’s doing that. There are many possibilities. Many ways of expressing things. I’ve learned that from experience,” the professor said. “The one that comes to mind right now is a ticking device. It’s a warning, general. As the spot grows, it’s telling us that time is running out.”

“A ticking device. You mean a….”

Before I could finish my sentence, there was a huge flash of light coming from the place that was once Corcovado National Park. The three of us watched helplessly as the blinding light reached us and erased everything on earth.

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