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Say It The Tico Way 15

Don’t be confused when a tican asks you to pay them a RODAR (roh-dahr) or a ROGELIO (roh-hel-yow). They mean the same thing.

The Secret Night Rendezvous

It was a dark and foggy night. The moon was full and the gnarled branches of the ancient trees around me slowly swayed to the wind that whispered eerily outside. I was on my way to a relative’s home located deep in the woods when my car broke down. I had hoped it would be a minor problem but try as I could, there was no way to fix the car and the nearest gas station was miles away. That meant I was stranded in this isolated area – alone and with no one to turn too. Worse, I found myself in an unfamiliar area that very few motorists had traveled before.

Say It The Tico Way 14

When a vendor in a wet market asks you for a TUCAN (too-kahn) for a pound of maranon and pejibayes, she is not being crazy by asking you that exotic bird with the weird beak.

Fly High at Hotel Costa Verde

Want to overcome your fear of flying? It’s easy if you go to Hotel Costa Verde in Costa Rica. There you can live the high life in a Boeing 727 that has been transformed into a cozy suite.

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