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Say It The Tico Way 13

When you’re drunk and you get yourself into bad situations, better get ready to spend some quality time in a PENE (peh-nee).

Encounter with Dr. Weevil (Conclusion)

While scuba-diving in Cocos Island, I accidentally discovered the secret hideout of the evil Dr. Weevil, the arch enemy of Justin Flowers, the famous British spy and international man of mystery. Weevil was the supreme personification of evil. He wore a gray suit, had an ugly scar of his face and deep blue eyes that pierced your soul. He carried a strange hairless cat called Mr. Snigglesworth and was accompanied by his evil clone – a midget who looked exactly like him and answered to the name of Mini He. Somehow Dr. Weevil reminded me of my mother-in-law but that’s another story.

An Encounter with Dr. Weevil

Deep in the heart of Costa Rica lies an unspeakable evil. An evil so great that people can only whisper its fearsome name in the dead of night. An evil so powerful that it controls many sectors of society and enslaves people from all walks of life.

Look Who’s Been To Costa Rica 4

When a time when Kim was still with a certain black football player, she and the lucky guy frolicked in Costa Rica. Looking mighty fine in that tight white two piece bikini, Kim Kardashian sets hearts aflutter (as well as their libido). Let’s just hope she returns to Costa Rica for another romp on the beach.

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