Braving Boca Brava (part 3)

By BobbyRica | June 17, 2011


“What fresh hell did you put us all in?” screamed hot shot director Wally as he paced back and forth on the lobby. “We look like we’re in an episode of Lost.” His hands fidgeted like he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. Wally was a ticking time bomb and I don’t want to be here when this moron detonates.

Blondes Hollywood celeb and her cute assistant looked at me, worried. Our first few minutes in Cala Mia and it was deserted. I walked around the resort for an hour and it looked as if everyone just got up and ran out of the island. All this looked quite alarming… and a little creepy. Why does this always happen to me?


“I know it’s not your fault, Bobby,” the cute Hollywood celeb placed her small hand on my shoulder. “But if there are no people here, we should head back to the Boca Chica. The sun is coming down. And I don’t think I’d want to spend the evening in here.” Jane nodded, trying to hide her nervousness. “Bobby, let’s go…”

The cinematographer who was outside the main door, motioned me to approach him. He looked at me with a glint in his eye. Gary was lapping this up.

“I don’t think we’re going anywhere soon.” he muttered. Gary pointed towards the dock where two aluminum catamarans who ferried us here were sailing away in the distance. They were ten meters away from the dock and apparently, were heading back to Boca Chica. The damn bendejos left without us.


The director, who was already a jumble of nerves, ran towards the dock, screaming expletives. I grabbed my bag and took out my GPS phone. But something was interfering with the signal, I can’t call the Panamanian Navy and ask for help. I had to figure out if we can get out of this place. As I tried calling for help again, everything around us went quiet. Even the jungle animals has stopped making their racket.

Suddenly, as things weren’t worrisome enough, we felt a tremor. The coconut trees began to shake and the waters surrounding us were agitated. I felt the ground heave a little bit. I had hoped the earthquake wasn’t in the sea. We weren’t equipped to handle a mini-tsunami. I went towards our Hollywood celeb and used my arms to protect her from anything falling off from the trees.


Gary sprinted back to the lobby. For a big guy who was pushing forty five, he was uncommonly fast. Jane sprung along with him to see if the phone lines are still working.

I needed to pull these people together. It’s not safe to be separated from one another. I should also start making plans where in the resort we can spend the night. I needed to check if there was still electricity (the resort if solar-powered) and plumbing. I started making a list of things in my head.

As I turned around, I saw big shot director shooting rocks into the water. He was apparently unaffected by the earth shaking. I was so busy making plans, I almost didn’t notice the stirring in the sea water a small distance from us. Mud had begun to change the clear water of the beach. Wally stopped throwing a tantrum, when we heard another set of rumbling from the ground.


The water near the beach began to churn. Rock and mud rose up. An unhealthy glow began to grow large in the water. Something was rising up from the ocean. And it looked huge. Without waiting for whatever it was to rear its ugly head, I grabbed Hollywood celebrity and shouted at the director to follow us.

Blessedly, Wally followed us as we ran back to the lobby. There was a huge sucking sound and loud splashes from the water. I tried to shake the fear. I was fighting the urge to look back and see what was in the water. The shock of another unknown crossing paths with me made me think trouble followed me wherever I went. I knew whatever it was is going to make our stay here in Boca Brava would make life rather difficult from now on.

(to be continued)

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