Braving Boca Brava (part 4)

By BobbyRica | June 20, 2011

cala mia

“We’re going to die! We’re going to die! We’re going to die!” breathed the director, Wally, as we dashed out from the beach and into the safety of the deserted Cala Mia resort.

The blond Hollywood celebrity was beside herself trembling while the ground begun to shake. As tough as she wanted people to see her, she can be so fragile. A fine mist fell inexplicably over the entire resort as the smell of saltwater entered my nostrils. This would naturally calm me, but given the circumstances, it only made me want to rush my companions to safety. I felt a presence in the beach and somehow, it was biding its time.

Wally let out a litany of gods of various religious denominations as he scaled the rocky path. The hot shot director was already there before we did.

cala mia2

The young celeb and I scrambled the steps towards the lobby of Cala Mia. We flew inside the house as I slammed the door behind me. As soon as the door was closed shut, I bent down to catch my breath. Man, I need to do more cardio. I looked up and saw Jane, who got me to lead these people to Panama in the first place, standing there. She was looking up at whoever or whatever was behind us. She didn’t utter a word or moved. Fear had taken over and paralyzed her. In the confusion, I noticed that our other companion — Gary, the amiable cinematographer — had disappeared.

I heard a loud gurgling sound outside. Then, the rush of water splashed down like a waterfall from the shore. I finally turned around and saw what was causing all this trouble.


Wally was giggling like a madman. The shadow of the creature played weird patterns on his face, as the sun was just within minutes before the horizon swallows it up. I first saw the serrated tentacles that was as large and thick as telephone poles. They looked like giant eels that hypnotically undulated in the air as if to dance. It was mottled grey with an iridescent blue in the nodes of each tentacles. Their tapered ends rhythmically and gently began to feel its way in the sandy shore. It looked like an amazing James Cameron-style special effect. This was the the creature of Boca Brava!

I shook my head to see if I was seeing what I was seeing. An oblong shape that’s around five and a half feet long surfaced from the muddy water. Eight studs blinked in unison. Each one had pink sparkling irises tainted by white cataract-like peepers. It had lurched into the shore and I realized that the thing was as big as a house! Well, not as huge as mine, but…

Then Jane screamed, “Gary!” A burly figure ran out from the other side of the building. He carried one of those film cameras. The bugger was going to get himself killed! Gary silently headed straight into the creature. His camera had a light source that illuminated the body of the beast.


Instead of looking like any other sea creature I’ve seen, its body looked like a cross between an octopus, a spider, and a segmented worm! It was shaped like a tripod. Its three tentacles were brownish blue and its outer carapace was serrated. Yet each appendage were divided into sections like an earthworm’s body. The tentacles looked like it can’t be strong enough to support movement, but the tentacles enabled the body to slink forward. The creature had moved a few feet away from the shore! Its eyes were that of a spider, but this one can blink with eyelids. Gary had a lot cojones. He closed in to the creature, capturing as much of its image on camera.

“Why wasn’t there any news of this thing from Boca Chica?” whispered Hollywood celeb. I swore I was waiting for her to say her famous catchphrase, as inappropriate as it sounded.

“Maybe, the creature just came out and ate the people here in the resort.” Jane blurted. “Maybe we disturbed its habitat?”

cala mia4

“Cala Mia and the other resorts in this area may be new,” I chimed in. “But people have been here for more than twenty years. If the creature had been here long before, people would have known about it. Unless, it migrated here from somewhere…”

Then, as if things couldn’t get any worse, the creature whipped one of its appendages. It flew straight for us! Before I can say “Duck!”, mortar and debris flew everywhere as the tentacle breached the main house and smashed the concierge’s front office. Damn, I didn’t see that coming!

(to be continued)

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