Braving Boca Brava (Part 5)

By BobbyRica | June 22, 2011


By now we were all in a state of shock. The appearance of the strange creature at Boca Brava caught us off guard. Its ugliness was the stuff of nightmares and we weren’t prepared for this horrible encounter. We had gone there to make a movie and never in our wildest dreams did we expect to find hell itself as personified by this insane abomination. It was as if the creature suddenly materialized from the pages of an H.P. Lovecraft novel. But there was one difference: Lovecraft wrote weird fiction; this monster was real – all too real – and its appearance sent us into a maelstrom of unparalleled fear and frenzy.


At this point, the huge beast at Boca Brava had destroyed the Cala Mia Resort’s front office with just a single flick of one of its gigantic tentacles. It cried out to us in the distance with a shriek so powerful and obscene that it made my flesh crawl. I could never forget that high-pitched scream that pierced my eardrums and remained in the depths of my soul. The creature’s dark gaping mouth looked like a black bottomless pit and clearly told us that it was hungry. Its craving for human flesh was unmistakable and we were not prepared to be its dinner.

I looked at Jane and then the cute Hollywood celeb. We ran as fast as our legs would carry us to the opposite side of the island. Our goal was clear: to reach the other end of the island alive and in one piece. We didn’t care about anything else except to survive this horrible incident and go back to our normal lives. Nothing mattered anymore. The name of the game was survival.


Halfway to our destination, we found a small clearing surrounded by some tall trees and decided to rest. Our lungs were dry although we were covered with cold sweat. I tried hard to catch my breath but it felt as if my heart was stuck in my throat. It would be dark soon and that thought sent shivers down my spine. What we had already seen so far was terrible. The idea of confronting that creature in the dark was something I had never dreamed of in my life.

“What in hell is that thing?” the sultry Hollywood celebrity blurted out at me. “Why didn’t you tell us about it?” The rosy glow in her cheeks had faded by now and she was as pale as the moon.


“Don’t blame me. How was I to know that thing existed? Had I known we’d meet that creature here, I’d put us elsewhere,” I blurted back at her.

“I don’t want to die! I don’t want to die!” Jane kept repeating to herself like a broken record.

“Shut up! No one’s dying…at least not for now. We’re miles away from it. I don’t think it can travel that fast with such a large body,” Wally retorted. By now, he didn’t resemble the hotshot director that he claimed to be. His clothes were tattered from running through rows of thorny plants, his left shoe was missing and his hair was a mess.


“Gary! Where’s Gary?” Jane suddenly remembered. The burly cinematographer was last seen taking pictures of the creature. We didn’t know wherher he was dead or alive. None of us had the guts to check his status.

Our conversation was interrupted by some movement in the bushes. We huddled together as the movement increased and drew closer to us. At that moment, I regretted not bringing my trusty pistol and searched in vain for something I could use to defend myself. But before I could do anything, I heard another high-pitched scream.

(To be concluded)

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