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Braving Boca Brava (part 3)

“What fresh hell did you put us all in?” screamed hot shot director Wally as he paced back and forth on the lobby. “We look like we’re in an episode of Lost.” His hands fidgeted like he was suffering from Parkinson’s disease. Something is seriously wrong with this guy. Wally was a ticking time bomb and I don’t want to be here when this moron detonates.

Braving Boca Brava (part 2)

I had finally shepherded the film production crew who had hired me for a trip to Panama. One more boat ride and we would have reached our island destination: Boca Brava. After a few minutes negotiating with captains of speed boats in Boca Chica in Chiriqui, I finally made the connection to the island. Two aluminum catamarans were to carry us to Paradise Hotel — the only available accommodations in the Conservation Park.

Braving Boca Brava

Let me start at the beginning. Someone from a Hollywood production company had been reading the blog religiously. She introduced herself as Jane (not her real name) and she was managing a small independent movie that was ready for lensing. She had been so keen to research about Panama that she stumbled onto my blog. Jane must have liked what we’ve been putting out that she searched me in Facebook and inquired about going to Panama. Not really for her to visit on vacation but as a possibility to scout locations for a movie their production outfit had been developing.

Say It The Tico Way 19

After eating in a restaurant, it is customary for people to leave a MEDIA TEJA (med-yah tey-ha) as a tip. It costs 500 colones. It is the rough equivalent of one dollar.

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