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Weekend Shopping at the San José Central Market

Now that I’m settled in this colorful capital of Costa Rica. I am able to bear a semblance of normalcy in my daily life. I now have decided to venture what most homemakers look forward to every weekend: market shopping! But penny pincher that I am, I didn’t dare venture in the conventional, air-conditioned stores. I’m already fed up buying overpriced toiletries soaps and overpriced Café Brit. I need to get through the day with a limited budget. I spent my weekend at the Central Market to try my luck on bargains. I also want to feel the vibe of San José.

Say It The Tico Way 23

When in Costa Rica, there might not be a lot of 7-11’s. But fret not! When you need a pack of smokes or a bottle of clean mineral water, hop down to the nearest corner store they call PULPERIA (pool-pehr-ee-ah) and get instant gratification. Just don’t expect them to accept Visa.

Say It The Tico Way 22

When you are trying to score some weed in Costa Rica, it is best you keep your eyes peeled for the TOMBO (tom-boh) unless you want to get locked up in prison.

Hitting the Clubs at San José

With its lush beaches, verdant mountains, and virile hombres, Costa Rica is the ultimate Caribbean paradise. Provided you’re not in the heart of San José, its capital. But being in the midst of the city after getting caught up with endless meetings, commitments, and dinners, I’m dead tired to go mountain trekking – for now.

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