Elaine Frolics In Playa Dominical

By BobbyRica | July 13, 2011

Wow, we are getting a wave of submissions from readers. As we prepare for a new round of Bobby Rica stories next week, let us feature some of the stories we get from our email. This one is from the cute and adorable Elaine Rosales. She’s a college kid who enjoys travelling where there is water. She and her friend went on a holiday in Costa Rica. Let’s see what she has to say.


When my best friend, Sandy, nonchalantly invited me on a short vacation in Dominical, Costa Rica, I said “Yes!” without thinking twice. Finally, a chance to lounge at the beach and get a lovely tan! Found on the central Pacific coast of Costa Rica, Dominical is popular among avid surfers because of its awesome waves, which can reach as tall as ten feet—wicked! I’m not much of a surfer gal, but I figured, hey, maybe it’s not too late to give it a try.


It was a good thing we booked an early flight—the journey was longer than we thought. We were thankful for the locals; they were nice enough to give us directions.The road trip to Dominical took around six hours, but I didn’t mind—the view was exhilarating (too bad Sandy slept like a log the entire time).

After checking in at El Coco (it’s one of the cheapest accommodations in the area—less than 20 dollars per person a night!), we headed to the beach, Playa Dominical. I literally gasped—it’s paradise on earth. The clear blue sky meets with an even clearer, deep-blue ocean, and ends at a golden, sandy stretch beneath our feet. The Dominical area has a stretch of countless beaches, each unique in its own way. Mangroves, marshes, and other exotic flora surround the bay. I think I even heard different tropical birds squawking above.


A few surfers were out among the spectacular waves, moving like dancers on beautiful crystal stage. A few were lazily lounging on the warm sand, along with a few locals. One eagerly approached us and asked if we would like to give it a try, but we politely declined—besides, Sandy was tugging at my arm, saying she’s famished.

We found a simple little food shack called Maracatu where they serve fresh vegetarian food. I loved their shitake salad and mahi-mahi (fish) with chipotle sauce—the best! We were told that Maracatu also has a bopping night life.


Since we were in no mood to surf (and because the humongous waves terrified me), we decide to just explore Dominical for a bit. First stop is Playa Ventanas or Windows Beach. It’s named after the marvelous sea caves that line the northern and southern areas of the beach. At certain tides, a large cloud of steam blows out on the beach, creating a blowhole effect. We loved it!

Next stop is Playa Hermosa or Beautiful Beach—such a befitting name. Playa Hermosa is probably the most scenic of all the Dominical beaches, surrounded by a forested cliff, the Marino Ballena National Park (which is named after the Humpback Whales that migrate there every December to April), and rainforest-covered peaks. Here, we stopped for a while and swam in the cool crystal-clear ocean water. Compared to Playa Dominical, the waves here are milder and safer for swimmers.


At one point, a friendly surfer approached us and asked if we were interested in surfing. After telling him of our fear of the waves at Playa Dominical, he advised that we go to Playa Dominicalito. It’s a five minute drive towards the south of Dominical, and is very popular for beginner surfers. Waves at Playa Dominicalito are small and gentle, just a third the size of Dominical’s waves. However, he warns that the bay is a bit rocky, so he recommends we only go surfing at higher tides. He proudly tells us that’s where he started surfing.

The day was coming to an end, so Sandy and I headed back. We sat down at the beach to watch the beautiful sunset. It was one of the most peaceful moments in my life. After an early dinner at the El Coco restaurant, we retired to bed, with the promise of another spectacular day ahead.

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