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Say It The Tico Way 21

Ay! Ay! Ay! When a muy caliente Latina is frantically looking for her lost SERUCHO (seh-rooh-tsoh), you better start scrambling! Because her best friend may be your best shot at getting her phone number!

Say It The Tico Way 20

When a beautiful woman passes by you and whispers PAPUCHO (pah-poo-tsoh) to your ear, she is not insulting you. Despite how it sounds, its actually a compliment. She thinks you’re as hot as…

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Want to be a Pirate?

Don’t worry. This is another kind of pirate. You won’t be plundering anything, or stealing anything illegally. This kind of pirate is the good kind. The kind that can bring you lots of cash! And all you do is just refer people to the new site!

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