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Potholes, Traffic, and Trash Bins: a Concoction for a Tropical Odium

Looks like a perfect opening for a grim flick, only the setting is in a Caribbean paradise. Who would have thought that an otherwise happy trip to Costa Rica proved to be disastrous? A series of mishaps should be blamed for this forgettable experience.

Elaine Frolics In Playa Dominical

Wow, we are getting a wave of submissions from readers. As we prepare for a new round of Bobby Rica stories next week, let us feature some of the stories we get from our email. This one is from the cute and adorable Elaine Rosales. She’s a college kid who enjoys travelling where there is water. She and her friend went on a holiday in Costa Rica. Let’s see what she has to say.

Pedasí Up Close

I had the greatest (and craziest) weekend getaway, when I decided to go to Panama. My ex, Steve, had been itching to go to this tropical paradise years ago, and after some love nest wrangling and two crash dates, I finally set foot on this country – alone.

Raiders of the Golden Altar (Conclusion)

While visiting the Iglesia de San Jose in Casco Viejo in Panama City, three big men approached me and told me they wanted to steal the famous Golden Altar. This ancient treasure was originally housed in a church in Old Panama that was built in 1519. But since the place was hard to defend from marauders who wanted to steal this priceless artifact, the Golden Altar was moved to its present location in San Felipe in the 16th century.

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