The Best Time to Go to Costa Rica

By BobbyRica | August 18, 2011

Here’s a contribution from a longtime friend and pal Meredith. Yes, that same Meredith. She emailed me this a month ago while we were thinking up new Bobby Rica antics that included her. Like most of you folks, she has no idea what we have plans for her in the current serial. While we wait what happens next with the Haunted Vibrator, let’s tide you over with this story by Meredith Watson from Chicago, Illinois.

corcovoda beach2

There’s one thing you should always be aware of while travelling: the weather. It may sound superficial to an inexperienced traveler like me, but believe me, timing is everything. It determines the success (read: how much fun you will have) of your trip. I learned this the hard way.

Last year, my friends, Beth and Tara, accompanied me to explore the amazing country of Costa Rica. We scheduled our three-day vacation on the second week of March. Since we live in Chicago, you can probably imagine how much we were dying to get some sun. We decided to go to Corcovado National Park. Located on the Osa Peninsula, it’s famous for its secluded beaches and breathtaking rain forests. It is also there that many adventure tours can be booked in advance.


But as soon as I got off the plane, the heat attacked us like a slap in the face. It was very hot. I was wearing a very thin, sleeveless shirt and shorts. A few minutes out from the plane and I was sweating profusely! Beth and Tara weren’t spared either. They too were drenched in sweat.
Making the most out of this, I just shrugged it off and tried to cool off any way we can. “It will probably get better later.” reassured Beth as she wiped off the bullets of sweat on her forehead.

After we settled in our hotel, I went out to explore the 23-mile Corcovado beach. Tara and Beth had to beg off and decided to nap inside our climate-controlled hotel room.

As I explored the beach, I noticed that the locals were unaffected by the weather. The tourists on the other hand were all fanning themselves or had relegated to hiding under the shades of the many coconut palms that line the shore. I sat down on the blessedly warm (and not searing) sand. I looked at the beach, admiring how the sea sparkles under the sun as if diamonds were encrusted within the waves. Soon, a couple of local surfers were playing not too far from where I was sitting.

corcovoda beach

“Hello there, señorita. Are you here alone?”

I looked up to the smiling open face. He looks like he just hit puberty. “We have a couple of tours in the next few minutes, señorita. Bird watching and hiking around the eco-forest. Maybe you would like join us?”

I shook my head. “My friends are in the hotel, I’d hate to go without them.” My voice was calm and warm.

“No problemo. Maybe tomorrow,” he smiled. The two boys gave both me a friendly nod, and walked away.


But before they managed to go far, I hailed them back. “Hey, wait!” I called, “I have a question, por favor.”

“Si, senhora?” The other boy shouted. He smiled like a devil.

“I…well, I’ve always been told that Costa Rica is fun and everything. But…is it always this hot?”

He grinned. “Señorita,” He laughed a bit, “you came at the wrong time.”

“What?”, I said shocked. The boys retreated back and approached me, their grins never wavering.

“A lot of people go here during the dry season, thinking that the rainy season would be too wet to ‘ruin’ their trip. But the rainy season is actually better. Not too hot. We call it la epocaverde. The green season.”


He pointed towards a lush area, where the rain forest began. “See those trees? They look a bit dry, yes? During the rainy season, they are very green. Beautiful. There are also more animals in sight.”


“Oh yes. Monkeys, birds, macaws, tapirs… They all come out more during the rainy season.”

“But doesn’t the rain get in the way? Of the tours, I mean?”

“The rain usually comes only during the afternoon. Very good too, because it cools everything off. A lot of tourists don’t mind getting wet. Oh, and here’s another secret.” He winked. “Prices are also lower during the rainy season, señorita, because there are fewer tourists during those months. The beaches are also less crowded.”

“Wow.” I smiled weakly. “Thank you. That’s very…helpful.”

“No problemo, señorita. I hope you enjoy your stay! You can let me know if you’re interested in any tour around Corcovado.” He nodded again and walked away.

Meanwhile, I trudged back to the hotel to tell my friends what I learned.


Well, we still managed to have a good time. We went whale watching and snorkeling in Drake Bay and explored the (dry) rainforest. But we didn’t get to spend as much time as we want out under the Costa Rican sun.

That’s why we scheduled another trip to Corcovado this year, in early November. La epocaverde. This time, we will make sure that we will enjoy every minute spent in this beautiful tropical country. So, wait for us, Costa Rica! We will conquer you, once and for all!

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