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Finding Good Eats in Costa Rica

I had the pleasure of staying for a few weeks in the lovely city of San Jose, Costa Rica as a foreign exchange student. Although I know I was there to study, I couldn’t help but feel more like a tourist–I viewed San Jose and its busy streets, museums, and bustling night life, as an adventure waiting to unfold…but that’s another story. What I want to reminisce about now is the food.

The Mystery Of The Haunted Vibrator — part 1

This whole mess started when I met this hot young Brazilian woman who I tried to save in Playa Junquillal. After swimming for almost an hour in the calm mid-morning waters, I spied this tall bronze beauty, who despite her confident stride in the sand, was clearly agitated. I was a few feet from the shore when I can see a group of guys behind her in hot pursuit.

Becca and Jeremy Conquer Arenal!

I loathe volcanoes. Their power frightens me, and how, in a matter of minutes, they can burn down everything you’ve worked so hard for to the ground. I hate them. HATE them.

Say It The Tico Way 24

When girls say you’re MACHO (mah-tsoh), they’re not really paying you a compliment. And being one, in this case, doesn’t apply to guys. They’re just saying you have the same hair color as this Olsen twin.

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